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Tech Tip #2

Engine Assembly for OMC Engines

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Install .0002" larger jets in carburetors.
Max timing MUST be retarded 2 degrees.
Max timing MUST be set with engine running over 4500 RPM & under load. DO NOT STATIC SET MAX TIMING.
Re-torque cylinder heads to specs.
After 1 hour of break-in, allow engine to cool and retorque heads.
On 3 Cylinder engines, replace water pump with new high pressure water pump.
On 3 Cylinder engines, drill and relocate overboard sensors.
On 3 Cylinder engines, check latest OMC service bulletins and jet carburetors accordingly. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
Use 92-94 octane premium fuel.
Clean and refill oil tank with TCW-3 oil.
Mark oil tank to verify oil comsumption during double oil usage of break-in period.
Run double oil during the first 30 gallons of fuel.
If running oil injection use 1 pint oil per 6 gallons gas.
If no oil injection, use 1 quart oil per 6 gallons gas.
OBR recommends installing water pressure gauge to monitor water flow.
OBR suggests removal of oil injection system or updating to latest VRO pump.
OBR recommends you replace water pump and gasket at time of powerhead replacement and every 2 years afterwards.


Carefully following these instructions will aid in the proper assembly & break-in of your OMC engine


If you have any questions or comments, let us know!

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