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Outboard Recycle carries Red Rhino replacement parts for the following Mercury-Mariner INTERNAL BEARINGS:

Catalog No Description *Retail Price  Core OEM No
ME-341  Mercury Bearing Carrier L3/L4 Oem#12596T2        12596T2 
R-89449  Brg #31-35990 /31-820456A1/ 983891(89410/89449)        31-35990, 31-820456A1, 983891 
ME-B75  Mercury Wrist Pin Bearing 1992-01 Oem#29-822553        29-822553 
ME-B77  Mercury Wrist Pin Bearing 1983-90 Oem#29-67483        29-67483 
ME-B79  Mercury V6 Center Main Brg Oem#31-16756A6        31-16756A6 
ME-B81  **Pnla** Merc V6 Ctr Main Brg 1-3/8" Crank Top Oem#31-93495        31-93495 
ME-B83  **Pnla** Merc V6 Upper Main Brg Fits 1-1/2" Shaft Oem# 31-74248        31-74248 
R-U199  Merc/Force D/S Bearing Oem #31-69220 31-F523054 (U199/U160)        31-69220, 31-F523054 
R-25580  Merc Brg Oem #31-30894A1( 25580/25520)        31-30894A1 
ME-B53  Merc Reverse Gear Thrust Bearing Oem #31-12576        31-12576 
ME-B62  Merc 3.0L Center Main Brg Oem 31-88270A1        31-88270A1 
ME-B67  Mercury Upper Crank Bearing 1998-2006 3.0 DFI Oem #31-816773A2        31-816773A2 
ME-B89  Mercury Upper Crank Bearing Oem #31-818889A1        31-818889A1 
RB-175  Merc/OMC Rod Bearing Oem #31-17514A2/388344        31-17514A2 
ME-B91  Mercury Wrist Pin Bearing L3/L4 Oem#29-818391        29-818391 
RB-430  Mercury Rod Bearings W/Cage L3/L4/3.0Lit Oem#31-43012A1        31-43012A1 
ME-B88  Mercury Wrist Pin Bearing V6 3.0Lit Oem 29-88258        29-88258 
ME-852  Mercury V6 Gearcase Bearing Kit (135 To 200HP) 1986 - 04         
ME-856  Mercury 3.0L Gearcase Bearing Kit( 200DFI 225/250HP) 1994-Up         
ME-B57  Mercury V6 Upper Main Bearing Oem#31-16756A4        31-16756A4 
ME-850  Mercury L3/L4 L/U Bearing Kit 1988 - 04         
ME-247  Merc Upper Main Brg 70-125HP 1987-03 Replaces Oem#31-43013T3        31-43013T3 
R-15101  Mercury L3/L4 Pinion Brg Oem#31-42677A1 (15245/15101)        31-42677A1 
MM-142A  Mercury/Mercruiser Bearing Carrier Oem# 43567T1 M        43567T1 
ME-873  Mercury Upper Crank Bearing 40-60HP 3 CYL Oem#31-812873A1        31-812873A1 
ME-B43  Mercury L3/L4 Center Main Bearing Oem#42943A1        42943A1 
ME-B63  Mercury Center Main Bearing 3CYL 40-60HP Oem# 827955A2        827955A2 
ME-B75A  Mercury Wrist Pin Bearing 2001-Up Oem#29-822553        29-822553 

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