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Tech Tips

Being a dealer means providing your clients with proper technical advice on the care of their newly repaired or replaced marine engine components. Over the last 17 years, Outboard Recycle has amassed a wealth of technical information and advice. With over 400 years of combined technical expertise, the technicians at OBR can advise you on the most critical of technical changes and alterations, proper installation, and break-in procedures. Of course, we always recommend you closely follow technical updates and bulletins issued by the manufacturers.

Our TechTips page is yours to help educate yourself and your all important customers. By doing so, you build incredible good will with them. They know they can rely on you to not only properly repair their marine engine, but to also give them the knowledge that will assist them in maintaining their outboard or sterndrive investment.

We invite you to offer your suggestions or tips that you have gathered through your experience as a marine engine dealer or repair facility. Send them to us and we'll post them here!

Tech Tip #1 Break-In Procedure for Rebuilt Powerheads 
Tech Tip #2 Engine Assembly for OMC Engines 
Tech Tip #3 Engine Assembly for Mercury V6 Engines 

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