Mercruiser GEAR SETS

Outboard Recycle carries Red Rhino replacement parts for the following Mercruiser GEAR SETS :

Catalog NoDescriptionOEMNo
MR-137MERCRUISER 1969-1997 UPPER GEAR SET 1:50 RATIO43-18411A4
MR-139MERCRUISER 1969-1997 UPPER GEAR SET 1:65 RATIO42-45814A5
MR-141MERCRUISER 1969-1997 UPPER GEAR SET 1:84 RATIO43-75325A3
MR-143MERCRUISER 1969-1997 UPPER GEAR SET 1:98 RATIO43-55778A3
MR-161I/D MERCRUISER GEN II UPPER GEAR SET 1998-2003 1.4743-853641A2
MR-163MERCRUISER GEN II UPPER GEAR SET 1998-2003 1.6143-853640A2
MR-165MERCRUISER GEN II UPPPER GEAR SET 1998-2003 1.8143-853643A2
MR-167I/D MERCRUISER GEN II UPPER GEAR SET 1998-2003 1.9443-853642A2
MR-175I/D MERCRUISER GEN II LOWER GEAR SET 2:1 1998-200343-853593A1

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