Yamaha Cooling System

Outboard Recycle carries Red Rhino replacement parts for the following Yamaha Cooling System :

Catalog NoDescriptionOEMNo
YA-101YAMAHA IMPELLER 85/90HP 1985-2004 OEM #688-44352-03688-44352-03
YA-102YAMAHA IMPELLER 115/130/150/225HP 1985-2004 OEM# 6E5-44352-00-006E5-44352-00-00
YA-105YAMAHA IMPELLER OEM# 6H3-44352-00-00/ 47-97108M6H3-44352-00-00/ 47-97108M
YA-106YAMAHA IMPELLER OEM# 6H4-44352-02-006H4-44352-02-00
YA-107YAMAHA IMPELLER OEM# 63V-44352-01-0063V-44352-01-00
YA-108YAMAHA IMPELLER F75-100 1999-2017 OEM# 67F-44352-00-0067F-44352-00-00
YA-109YAMAHA IMPELLER OEM# 689-44352-02-00/47-84797M689-44352-02-00/47-84797M
YA-110YAMAHA IMPELLER OEM# 682-44352-40-00/ 47-84027T682-44352-40-00
YA-111YAMAHA IMPELLER OEM# 6L2-44352-00-006L2-44352-00-00
YA-T12YAMAHA THERMOSTAT OEM#6E5-12411-20-006E5-12411-20-00
YA-T13YAMAHA THERMOSTAT 3.3L HPDI OEM#60V-12411-0060V-12411-00
YA-T14YAMAHA THERMOSTAT F75-100/ F115/ F200-250 OEM#67F-12411-0167F-12411-01
YA-WP-01YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT 85/90HP 85-04 OEM #692-W0078-01-00692-W0078-01-00
YA-WP-02YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT 115/130HP 85-04 OEM#6N6-W0078-01-006N6-W0078-01-00
YA-WP-03YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT 150/225HP 2.6 85-04 OEM#6G5-W0078-A1-006G5-W0078-A1-00
YA-WP-05YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT 3.3L VZ HPDI OEM#60X-W0078-00-0060X-W0078-00-00
YA-WP-06YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT 75-100HP 4 STROKE OEM#67F-W0078-00-0067F-W0078-00-00
YA-WP-07YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT 250-300 4 STR DUAL WAT P/U OE#6P2-W0078-006P2-W0078-00-00
YA-WP-08YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT F115 OEM#68V-W00078-00 + HSG68V-W00078-00 + HSG
YA-WP-09YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT 4.2L W/ HOUSING OEM#6CE-W0078-01+6CE-44316CE-W0078-01-00 + 6CE-4431-01-00
YA-T15YAMAHA THERMOSTAT VF250 OEM#6CB-12411-10-006CB-12411-10-00
YA-T16YAMAHA THERMOSTAT F200-300 4.2L OEM# 6CE-12411-00-006CE-12411-00-00
YA-T17YAMAHA THERMOSTAT F/VF150-200 4 CYL LATE OEM# 6DA-12411-01-006DA-12411-01-00
YA-WP-10YAMAHA WATER PUMP KIT VF250 W/ HOUSING OEM# 6CB-W0078+61A-443116CB-W0078-00 + 61A-44311-01
YA-T18YAMAHA THERMOSTAT F/VF75-90 4 CYL LATE OEM# 6FP-12411-006FP-12411-00
YA-T19YAMAHA THERMOSTAT F/VF115 4 CYL LATE OEM# 6EK-12411-006EK-12411-00
YA-112YAMAHA IMPELLER 4.2L 25"/30" OEM# 6CE-44352-006CE-44352-00-00
YA-113YAMAHA IMPELLER V8 F300/350 OEM# 6AW-44352-00-006AW-44352-00-00

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